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Embedded FS
Integrate financial services into your digital products with Staq’s Embedded Finance Solutions
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Banking as a Service
Access a full suite of banking products and services through our Banking as a Service platform
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Expertise and guidance to help you design, develop and launch game changing financial products
Our platform is designed to be flexible and scalable, so you can adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs with ease.

Card Issuing

Issue customised prepaid cards


Create and manage customer accounts


Seamlessly integrate payment solutions


Verify and onboard customers in a flash
Implement robust document authentication


Harness the power of flexible payments
Implement seamlessly
Staq's platform helps you automate your workflows from start to finish, so you can collaborate more effectively and efficiently.
SDK Library
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Create Transfer
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curl -XPOST  '' \
--header 'Idempotency-key: 65d16950-1355-486e-8322-6002b713e0a6' \

--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

--data '{
"CustomerAccount": "0010100014015102",
"BeneficiaryAccount": "0010100063915101",
"Amount": 20,
"CurrencyCode": "JOD",
"TransferNote": "Note"

Developer documentation
SDK’s are available for all of the most commonly used languages and frameworks.
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