Lending as a Service
Next Generation Lending
Our Lending-as-a-Service platform offers a comprehensive, modern approach to lending, making it faster, smarter, and more efficient.
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Unlock New Revenue Streams
Lending is more than just financial transactions; it's about trust, reliability, and growth. Our platform is designed not just with advanced tech in mind, but also with a deep understanding of the lending industry's nuances.
Unlock New Revenue
Tap into innovative revenue streams by offering third-party integrations on our robust banking infrastructure.
Expand Your Reach
From application to repayment, we prioritize the borrower's experience, expanding your clientele like never before.
Future ready
With features like AI and machine learning, our platform is ready for the future of lending. Our platform is designed to foster innovation.
Cost-Effective Solutions
Streamline operations, reduce overheads, and elevate efficiency by leveraging third-party applications.
Data-driven Insights
Our integrations provide rich data, offering invaluable insights into user behavior and preferences.
Rapid Market Entry
Don't build from scratch. Use our platform to introduce new services swiftly and make an impact.
Unified Credit Platform
Unlock rich business insights, accelerate growth and delight your customers.
Platform Architecture
Seamless Integration
With third-party platforms through API-driven processes.
Intelligent Forecasting
Powered by machine learning,
Full Loan Lifecycle Management
Ensuring a smooth journey from application to repayment.
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Innovative Credit Assessment
Advanced Scoring Models
Encompassing both traditional and novel data sources.
Risk-based Pricing Models
Customizable to fit specific lending scenarios.
In-depth Underwriting Processes
Detailed and reliable creditworthiness assessments.
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Quick and Efficient Loan Access
Automated Approval
Make swift decisions with our automated approval processes.
Serve international customers with our multi-currency disbursement capabilities
Instant Loans
Enhance the borrower experience with instant loan disbursements.
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Redefining Loan Management
One-stop Solution
For payment processing, customer service, and regulatory compliance.
Predicitive Analytics
Early delinquency detection using predictive analytics.
Versatile Collection Methods
Integrating seamlessly with digital wallets and alternative payment platforms.
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Flexible and Fair Interest Calculations
Adaptable Lending
Support for multiple interest calculation methods, adapting to various lending scenarios.
Dynamic Interest
Dynamic interest rate adjustments, reflecting market conditions and borrower behavior.
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Tailored Repayment Solutions
AI-Powered Suggestions
For optimal payment structures, ensuring borrower-friendly plans.
Modify Payment Plans in Real Time
Adapting to changing borrower behaviors.
Automated Processes
To ensure on-time payments and minimize defaults.
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Implement seamlessly
Staq's platform helps you automate your workflows from start to finish, so you can collaborate more effectively and efficiently.
SDK Library
Sandbox Environment
Create Transfer
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
curl -XPOST  'https://sandbox-api.finto.io/api/v1/partner/transfers/customers/#012345678/internal' \
--header 'Idempotency-key: 65d16950-1355-486e-8322-6002b713e0a6' \

--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

--data '{
"CustomerAccount": "0010100014015102",
"BeneficiaryAccount": "0010100063915101",
"Amount": 20,
"CurrencyCode": "JOD",
"TransferNote": "Note"

Developer documentation
SDK’s are available for all of the most commonly used languages and frameworks.
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