Banking as a Service
Comprehensive Digital Banking Infrastructure
Our Banking-as-a-Service platform offers a combination of robust banking principles and technical innovation. Embrace a future, where finance is fluid, secure, and boundless.
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Unlock The Future
Discover the transformative power of our BaaS platform. Seamlessly integrate third-party applications, drive innovation, and redefine the banking experience for your customers.
Unlock New Revenue
Tap into innovative revenue streams by offering third-party integrations on our robust banking infrastructure.
Expand Your Reach
Our BaaS platform bridges the gap between traditional banking and the modern customer, expanding your clientele like never before.
Innovate Faster
Embrace the agility and creativity of fintech startups. Our platform is designed to foster innovation, setting you apart in the market.
Cost-Effective Solutions
Streamline operations, reduce overheads, and elevate efficiency by leveraging third-party applications.
Deep Data Insights
Our integrations provide rich data, offering invaluable insights into user behavior and preferences.
Rapid Market Entry
Don't build from scratch. Use our platform to introduce new services swiftly and make an impact.
Packed With Powerful Features
Streamline your business and increase revenue with Staq's platform
Expansive Products
Our BaaS covers onboarding, lending, accounts, and cards, offering banks unmatched growth and innovation
Pre-Built Connectors
Enjoy ease of integration, reduced time-to-market, and unmatched flexibility with our connectors.
Hosting Flexibility
Choose your environment: cloud, on-premises, or hybrid. Our solutions are designed for optimal adaptability.
Trustless SDKs
Our solution ensures high security, simplifies processes, reduces data breach risks, and promotes embedded finance adoption.
Unified Payments Platform
Unlock rich business insights, accelerate growth and delight your customers.
Platform Architecture
Mirco-services Architecture
Enables modular, scalable services.
Resilient Design
Maximise stability with fault tolerance.
Modern Technology Stack
Optimised for peak performance.
Cloud-native Infrastructure
For unmatched scalability and resilience.
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Deployment and Integration
CI / CD Pipeline
For swift rollouts
Automated deployments
For total reliability
Pre-built connectors
For seamless integration
Infrastructure agnostic
For seamless integration
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Security and Compliance
Advanced Security Features
Trustless SDKs ensure total security
International compliance standards met
OAuth 2
Authentication for robust security
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Developer Tools
Comprehensive APIs
Developer-friendly sandbox environment
SDKs for all major platforms
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Implement seamlessly
Staq's platform helps you automate your workflows from start to finish, so you can collaborate more effectively and efficiently.
SDK Library
Sandbox Environment
Create Transfer
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
curl -XPOST  '' \
--header 'Idempotency-key: 65d16950-1355-486e-8322-6002b713e0a6' \

--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

--data '{
"CustomerAccount": "0010100014015102",
"BeneficiaryAccount": "0010100063915101",
"Amount": 20,
"CurrencyCode": "JOD",
"TransferNote": "Note"

Developer documentation
SDK’s are available for all of the most commonly used languages and frameworks.
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