Transform Your Telecommunication Experience
Harness the power of Embedded Finance with Staq.
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Superior Customer Experience
Integrated financial services provide a seamless and convenient experience for your customers.
Revenue Growth
New financial services unlock additional revenue streams, enhancing your profitability.
Increased Loyalty
Financial products can boost customer engagement and loyalty, leading to repeat business.
Innovation and Differentiation
Stand out from the competition by offering unique and innovative financial services.
The Challenge
In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, businesses are continually seeking ways to offer more value to their customers and gain a competitive edge. Traditional financial services often fall short, lacking the agility and speed to keep up with the demands of today's consumers.
The Solution
Staq's Banking as a Service (BaaS) and Embedded Finance solutions are the game-changers. We seamlessly weave financial services into your business operations, enhancing customer experience and unlocking new avenues for revenue growth.
Build For The Future
Integrated Wallets

Facilitate easy, secure transactions with digital wallets, enhancing convenience for your customers.

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Seamless Payments

Facilitate efficient transactions, including bill payments and mobile credit top-ups, directly through your platform.

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Embedded Lending

Offers financing for larger purchases directly through the platform, often at competitive rates.

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Peer-to-peer payments

Peer-to-peer payments can be facilitated directly within the platform, adding a layer of security and trust for the users

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Simplify operations with a secure, all-in-one platform
Scalable Architecture
Our microservices architecture ensures reliable service, even during peak times.
Robust Security
Certificate authorization, encryption, and multi-factor authentication, ensure the highest levels of security
Implement seamlessly
Staq's platform helps you automate your workflows from start to finish, so you can collaborate more effectively and efficiently.
SDK Library
Sandbox Environment
Create Transfer
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
curl -XPOST  '' \
--header 'Idempotency-key: 65d16950-1355-486e-8322-6002b713e0a6' \

--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

--data '{
"CustomerAccount": "0010100014015102",
"BeneficiaryAccount": "0010100063915101",
"Amount": 20,
"CurrencyCode": "JOD",
"TransferNote": "Note"

Developer documentation
SDK’s are available for all of the most commonly used languages and frameworks.
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